Finance Department

Municibid – Online Government Auctions

The Town of Middletown is now using Municibid, an online government auction website designed specifically for the sale of surplus goods directly by the Town.  Bidding is open to the public which means you can take advantage of these incredible bargains!

Anyone can place a bid on an item that they are interested in.  To find Middletown’s items for sale stop by our virtual store!

The successful bidder and the Town will be notified at the end of the auction via email from Municibid.  Once notified, the successful bidder is responsible for paying an 8% service fee directly to Muncibid.  The Town will contact the successful bidder within 24 hours of the close of the auction (or on the next business day) to arrange for cash/certified check payment and pickup of the item from the Town.

Please contact Purchasing at or call (401)846-4478 if you have any questions or need assistance.