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Financial Data Transparency Portal

Financial Transparency in Middletown

The Financial Data Transparency Portal resource is part of the Town of Middletown’s ongoing effort to enhance transparency and public engagement in town government.

Click this link to access the Financial Data Transparency Portal at

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The Town currently provides the community with access to financial data electronically via our website. This data, available from the Finance Department homepage, includes the historical and current Consolidated Municipal Budget, Capital Improvement Program, Revenue Manual, annual audited financial statements, personnel and position information, labor contracts, actuarial reports and more.

Sometimes there is nothing quite like being able to examine the data yourself by viewing charts and graphs or downloading the information into an excel spreadsheet. The Town has engaged to assist us in providing the public with this opportunity. 

   Some sample screen shots of the data available are shown below:




   Tips on Using the Town of Middletown’s Financial Data Transparency Portal

  • The portal allows you to explore budget and historical finances in a simple graphical user interface.  The main view includes a chart or graph, a legend and various controls to view expenses and/or revenues by fund, type or department.
  • We have created saved views of various revenue and expenditure charts and graphs. Just click on Saved in the upper left corner and choose your report. We have loaded financial information back to Fiscal Year (FY) 2011. You can drill down on the information created in the Saved view.
  • When looking for financial results of the Town, you can access the Town of Middletown’s General Fund or the Town’s various Enterprise Funds.  The General Fund is the main operating fund of the Town and supports the regular day-to-day operations of the Town, including the School Department. The Town’s Enterprise Funds include the Parks & Recreation Fund, the Sewer Fund, the Refuse & Recycling Fund, and the new Stormwater Fund.
  • Some expenditures or revenues do not track year to year.  For example, there may be expenditures for a specific item or project in 2013 that the Town no longer uses.  These expenditure categories will only be visible for the years they were used.  After that, they will be zeroed out.
  • There are five different types of visual representations of the data – an area graph, an area graph by percentage, a line graph, a pie chart and a table.  You can change your view at any time by simply selecting the different type of representation.  The data will automatically convert.  These functions are on the top right.
  • To focus on specific data – like a department, expense type, revenue type, or any combination – look to the left and use the menu on the side panel.  These selectors allow you to specify exactly what breakdown you want the graph or table to represent.  When you select “Filtered By” the data filter pops up and allows you to turn on or turn off selected filters for that category.
  • You’ll notice the title of the chart or graph you are viewing on the top along with the account type selector.  You can use the filter to see the data that is of most interest to you.
  • You can hover over the charts for information on the data category, such as % change from the prior year and total $ amount. You can drill down or collapse the data categories in the data table. Certain accounts have annotations with additional information which can be accessed by clicking on the icon next to the data in the table.
  • Keep in mind that departments or expenses only receive funds from specific funds – if the department or expense is not included it will be grayed out.
  • You can also download the data into a .csv spreadsheet or a .png image.
  • You can share the data, in any view, on a social network or by email.

   Here are some quick Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to get you started….

1.  What are the Town’s overall Revenue and Expenditures?

2.   What are the Town’s Property Tax Revenues?

3.  What are the annual Property Tax Levy and annual Tax Appropriation for Education?

      –   Click on the annotation icon next to the data in the table for the annual Tax Appropriation for Education

4.  What revenue sources contribute to the Town’s General Fund?

5.  What are the total General Fund Expenditures by Department?

6.  What are the expenditures of the Middletown Public Library?

7.  What are the expenditures of the Middletown Public School?

8.  What does the Town receive from fees charged in the Enterprise Funds?

9.  How much does the Town spend on Personnel (salaries and benefits)?

10. What do the Town departments spend on capital?

11. What expenses are funded by grants?